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"...QRS has meant Quality, Response and Service. Since our changing to QRS fifteen years ago, their staff, software and hardware have been top Quality. Even our new personnel, once taught the system, consider Paradigm superior to any other. We have had zero downtime, and only one interruption which was easily handled by our very affordable seamless duplicate system which is offsite and quality engineered by QRS..."

~ Paul Latour, M.D.

Disaster Recover

What is Disaster Recovery Service?
This is a service in which QRS automatically backs-up your PARADIGM data every 24 hours to our office in Knoxville via your broadband Internet connection. This service helps you avoid prolonged down-time in a disastrous situation and helps you recover information once considered lost.

How can Disaster Recovery Service benefit my practice?
Let’s imagine that you get a call - there has been a fire at the office. Your PARADIGM server was totally destroyed. What now? You have backups that are stored offsite, but getting that data onto a new server will take days. With QRS Disaster Recovery Service, if you have a PC that can access the Internet you can access your PARADIGM data, including your Appointment Schedule. This service quickly and easily provides a degree of operability to your practice while you work to restore your business.

As dictated by HIPAA standards according to the Security Standards, Final Rule:
“A contingency plan must be in effect for responding to system emergencies. The plan would include an applications and data criticality analysis, a data backup plan, a disaster recovery plan, an emergency mode operation plan, and testing and revision procedures.”

45 CFR § 164.308 (a) (7) (i)
Federal Register Vol. 68, No. 34 Pg. 8351

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