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"...using Paradigm software for more than 13 years and I have found the software to be very beneficial; not only in filing claims, but also in producing reports that enable you to successfully operate a medical practice. In 2002, I opened a medical billing service ... one choice was clear. Paradigm is the ONLY medical billing software for my company... MD Billing Services, LLC"

~ Pat Smith, CEO

Claims Tracking

Using the Claims Manager, you can see all the different types of claims that you either print or send electronically. An archive of each batch of claims is maintained. For electronic claims you can see any claim file that is pending acceptance, or batches that have been accepted. Rejected batches can easily be resubmitted when needed.

Using the PARADIGM encounter form you can quickly see the status of a claim, if it has been filed, processed, denied, or is waiting on additional information.